Progressive Screen Printing & Embroidery

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Q: What is an underbase?
A: When printing on dark shirts, it is usually necessary to first apply a layer of white ink called an underbase. This allows light colors to then be printed without the dark fabric showing through. (The underbase does not weaken or alter colors printed on top of it.) 

Q: What is the color count? 
A: The color count is the minimum number of colors (screens) “necessary” to achieve the desired look. (The underbase counts as a color/screen. For example, a black shirt with white print may look like a one color job but, in actuality, is a two color job; underbase and white. The underbase being necessary to keep the dark shirt from showing through the white ink.) 

Q: If I have my own artwork, what file format do I need to submit it as? 

A: PSE, Inc. can work with most file formats. However, some formats are more labor intensive than others. For example, artwork submitted through word processing software such as Microsoft Word, almost always require more clean-up. To save time (and money) your best bet is to submit files in the following formats and, preferably, at least 8.5 x 11 inches and 300 dpi minimum.: .PSD, .TIF, .AIF, .EPS, .BMP, .PDF and .JPG. NOTE: Because .JPG files tend to noticeably degrade when reduced, the higher the dpi the better. Also, in the “Image Quality” box, set your slider to the maximum of 12. (If your .JPG file was previously saved at a low dpi or a low Image Quality, saving as mentioned above won't improve it.) But don't worry, we can still work with it. 

Q: Are some fabrics less suitable for screen printing and embroidery?

A: All fabrics/media ordered through PSE, Inc. are suitable for printing. If the client wishes to provide the Fabrics/media, they should first consult their PSE, Inc. sales rep. regarding suitability. (In most instances there is no problem.) 

Q: How will I know what my finished embroidery job will look like? 
A: Before embroidery jobs go into production, the client may see an embroidered sample called a ‘sew out'. (See fig. 1)
(fig. 1)

Q: What are Ownership and Usage Rights? 
A: PSE, Inc. retains the copyright to “any and all” artwork generated by PSE, Inc. This includes artwork based upon client-submitted material. (See fig. 2) 
(fig. 2)

Usage Rights vary on a job-by-job basis, the details of which are agreed to by the client and the PSE, Inc. sales rep. For example, a client commissions PSE to produce artwork for, and to print, a t-shirt order. Later, the customer decides to have stickers made using the same artwork. However, unless this secondary use was agreed to when the artwork was originally commissioned, the client must consider the ‘sticker' job as a new job requiring its own Usage Agreement.
Clients may purchase ownership of the commissioned artwork. In which case they are free to do whatever they care to with the artwork. Including having it printed by a printer of their choosing.